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The ELIG interview series starts with these three interviews...

ELIG Conference 2017 in Aarhus/Denmark! Save the Date: September 28 +29!

ELIG Workshop "Libraries of the Future“: Juni 1, 2017 at the 106. Deutscher Bibliothekartag in Frankfurt.

ELIG and Emerald are publishing the new book:

Advances in Digital Education and Lifelong Learning, Volume 2, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education.


Amsterdam Action Camp. The camp will be held on 20–22nd May, just before the 2-day Open Innovation 2.0 conference (also in Amsterdam)...

ELIG launches the ELIG Foundation gGmbH as the non-for-profit entity to carry out ELIG initiatives and actions like ...

Cologne – Forum didacta aktuell, Hall 6 C61, 20th of February, 10:00–10:45 h.

We welcome a new member: Hohenloher – innovative furnishings for school and laboratory.

Richard Straub has handed-over his longterm role as Secretary General by appointment of the ELIG Board to Elmar Husmann.

Frankfurt Book Fair, 14th to 18th of October. Expeditions and creative, multimedia activities both in and beyond the Classroom of the...