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October 2016

Classroom of the Future/ LIGHTHOUSE FOR IDEAS
A real success story: The Classroom of the Future has been a fixture of Frankfurt Book Fair since 2012.

October 2016

Classrooms of the Future
Martina Wolff de Carrasco and Elmar Husmann detail how curiosity and creativity can thrive in modern learning spaces.


Klassenzimmer der Zukunft / ditacta-Magazin
Elmar Husmann (ELIG Secretary General) über das nächste Engagement auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse und aktives Lernen im Digitalzeitalter.

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Wenn Kinder die Schulbücher mitschreiben
Kina Repoterin Lina (11) spricht mit Claudia Didjurgeit (ELIG Senior Advisor) über die Schulbücher der Zukunt.


Klassenzimmer der Zukunft
German TV report on our Classroom of the Future in Frankfurt


Learning at the Classroom of the Future
The hybrid schoolbook developed jointly with hp for our Classroom of  the Future


Inside the Classroom of the Future
Tomorrow’s classrooms will be collaborative workspaces, featuring 3D printers, “immersive” work stations and hybrid textbooks in which content is generated on the fly.


Im Klassenzimmer der Zukunft
Die Frankfurter Buchmesse ist auch eine wichtige Plattform zur Präsentation von Innovationen. In diesem Jahr sind zum Beispiel digitale Schulbücher und interaktive Anwendungen für den Unterricht im Fokus. Schüler testen das Klassenzimmer von morgen,24549698,32181182.html


ZDF Logo
2nd German national TV – reports from our Classroom of the Future in their news for children. We show how a schoolbook of the future could look like.


Lernspiele verdrängen den Frontalunterricht
German national  radio on learning games including an interview with Elmar Husmann (ELIG)


Teacher: What is a book?
Webcast debate with Frank Thalhofer, CEO Cornelsen Schulbuchverlage, Udi Chatow, Senior Strategist and Director HP, and Elmar Husmann, ELIG Deputy Secretary General

(picture: Cornelsen)


Klassenzimmer der Zukunft
German national TV on the science exploration in our Classroom of the Future in partnership with Leibnitz Institute for tropical marine Sciences from Bremen (ZMT)


LEGO Roboter animieren zum Lernen
German TV report on robots and coding education in our Classroom of the Future with Michaela Halt (LEGO Education), Claudia Didjurgeit (ELIG) and Hannes May (RWTH Aachen)


Dialog über Digitalisierung und Bildung,
Austausch mit Politik, Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft

Report on the ELIG Conference The Digital Turn – New Competences made in Europe


Spice it up
Roland Burger (ELIG Fellow) and his initiative organize cooking and food expeditions as part of the Classroom of the Future – this year in partnership with Indonesia


ELIG Annual Conference, Berlin 2015
The ELIG Conference has partnered in this year with the German Forum for Digitizing Higher Education

(including slides and videos)


The Digital Turn
German Blog on continuous Education reporting on the ELIG Conference 2015


Is there a link between OER and economic growth?
An article by the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Open Education Working Group building on insights of the ELIG Book Openness and Education edited by Andreas Meiszner and Lin Squires.


The Human Difference
Article by Richard Straub (ELIG Secretary General) on digitization as a challenge for society


Sept conseils pour rendre la formation en ligne attractive
Article by Paul Hunter (ELIG Board) on success factors in corporate online learning


Code Week Award: Digitale Kompetenz durch kreatives Programmieren bei Kindern und Jugendlichen<p/>

Steffen Ganders (ELIG Board) is a member of the jury with Gesche Joost (German Digital Champion towards the EU)


Empowering a generation with digital skills
Blog by Alexa Joyce (ELIG Board)


Interview with Richard Straub (ELIG Secretary General)
Education in the Digital Era Conference


Michael Shaw speaks at the London Festival of Education
Michael is co-author of the Book on Openness and Education by ELIG and the United Nations University. He is also a leading person behind the UK’s largest online community for teachers: TES.


Are universities and industry ready for the iGeneration?,
Panel Debate with Fadi A Khalek (ELIG Board Chair)


ELIG strongly represented in the list of top movers and shakers in e-learning.


Speculations about an open content University of Europe
ELIG is cited among potential key players.


Digital Learning Roundtable organized by the European Commission
with Elmar Husmann, ELIG Deputy Secretary General and further key stakeholders


ELIG supports the Open Education Challenge
organized by our member PAU Education. Several ELIG members provide mentoring.


Our Classroom of the Future 2014 becomes a highlight of the Code Week


Short Film about the Classroom of the Future 2014
Produced a spart of our initiative


Classroom of the Future 2014
Roland Burger (ELIG Fellow and Research Projects Coordinator at Stockholm University) explains the Classroom oft he Future concepts


Education: Digital Worlds & traditional approaches
Our Classroom of the Future, and ELIG member Samsung among the highlights


Das Klassenzimmer als Zukunftswerkstatt
Article by Jana Wolf (ELIG Communication) on the classroom as workshop for future education. This year in collaboration with Finland.