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Initiative New Learning Spaces

We change the way learning takes place

There has always been a close connection between the space and learning. Whereby traditional learning spaces (such as classrooms, lecture halls, training centers) are increasingly recognized as constraining to learner interaction, uninspiring and disconnected from the real world. New learning spaces can extend beyond these limitations by allowing the creation of new meaningful learning experiences – e.g. using real world immersion and live observation.

New ICT technologies such as mobile and ambient computing or augmented reality are further enabling a different use of spaces for learning. They also allow the transformation of unusual spaces into learning environments.

Educational institutions and corporate training centers alike have for many years invested in adding technologies to their traditional learning spaces (e.g. adding smart boards or PCs). The aim of this ELIG initiative is to take the next step towards redefining the space where learning can take place.



  • ELIG contributed to the Panel debate at the Innovation Conference of the Committee of the Regions in Espoo, Finland. Other panalists included the UNESCO Learning Cities initiatives, regional politicians and development experts.
  • Idea Workshop with the Espoo City council and developers of the Otanemi Campus


Elmar Husmann >

ELIG Secretary General (2016-08/2020)