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Initiative VISIR

We change the way Europe develops

Information and communication technologies – in particular those linked to the Internet – are changing the ways we work, organize, network socially and communicate.

Significant innovation has emerged on Internet thinking from the younger generations - such as generation Z, who are the first generation to grow up with the World Wide Web from early childhood, and the previous generation Y, who are making significant impact on Internet thinking with their values and work modes. In particular, we see the emergence of new ways of addressing problems in a digital way - e.g. organizing funding by crowdsourcing, sharing or co-creation.

ELIG is interested in different aspects of New Skills in a Digital World such as those relating to digital literacy, digital problem solving skills, leadership skills and the e-skills to create entirely new digital solutions.



  • ELIG has contributed innovative cases, including Apps for Good, Aalto Design factory and IMD.
  • Enthusiastic Feedback on the 100 collected best practices representing different learning areas.
  • Contribution to a series of seminars, such as the “European Forum on Learning Futures and Innovation“ hosted by the Committee of the Regions, Brussels.


Claudia Didjurgeit >

ELIG, Senior Advisor